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R57 Mini Cooper Convertible

Years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

    This is the first entirely new MINI convertible since the original R52 model that debuted in 2004 (little known fact that the 2009 R57 convertible carried over a good portion of that first car’s chassis). All that aside the new MINI convertible (internally known as the F57) is exactly what you’d expect. And that’s a very good thing. The F57 is an iteration of a same convertible formula MINI created in 2004. That original convertible introduced the dual mode top, the pull-down rear tailgate and the four seat layout. 

The new 2.0L engine of the Cooper S feels every bit as strong as the previous 1.6L JCW power plant. The focus on mid-level torque increases drivability. In combination with the revised six speed manual, the engine almost never felt caught off guard by anything.

About The R57 Convertible

The R57 Mini Cooper Convertible (man. 6), model years 2009-2015, version for North America (up to October) was manufactured by Mini in GB. It’s body style is a 2-door convertible, FWD (front-wheel drive), manual 6-speed gearbox and gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1598 cm3, advertised power: 90 kW / 121 hp ( SAE net ) and torque: 160 Nm / 118 lb-ft.


What are the common issues with the R57 Mini Cooper convertible?

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Transmission fluid may leak from the input shaft seal; if too much fluid leaks, the car will not drive. Windscreen washer fluid may leak from the rear nozzle – and possibly the front nozzle – requiring one-way check valves to be installed in the fluid lines.


What is the Mini death rattle?

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A common engine problem with the MINI Cooper S and JCW N14 engine is a loose and noisy timing chain, often referred to as MINI Death Rattle. Death Rattle Fix involves changing major timing kit components and an oil service.


Do Mini's require premium fuel?

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You do not NEED premium fuel in your Mini, especially in the winter months where pre detonation is unlikely. Your car’s ECU will detect the knocking and retard the timing and adjust the air fuel mixture automatically.